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Here you can find important information about booking services with me and ordering from my shop!

Online Shop Policy

  • ALL sales are final

  • NO Returns or Refunds accepted

  • If your package shows up damaged, please contact me within 24 hours of receiving your order so I can work on accommodations as soon as possible for you! Thank You!

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If we are experiencing a high volume of orders, orders may be delayed by a few days, if this is the case you will recive email updates.

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The Mystic Taurus is not responsible for any fees you may incur during or after shipping, this includes postage if you need to send something back to be exchanged.

Service Policy

  • ALL sales are final

  • NO Refunds accepted

  • Clients will receive their service(s) 3-7 days after booking.

  • Services are sent to clients via email: as a PDF file, YouTube link, or Google drive link

  • Once a booking is accepted, please wait at least 12 hours before receiving a follow up email from me to talk with you further regarding your booking so I can get all the info I need before I start!

Tarotstrology Readings | $65/hour

Tai Soleil can be credited for being the person who first coined the phrase, Tarotstrology! Tarotstrology is using correlations between Minor & Major Arcana cards and Astrology planets, elements, modality and decans.

My readings are not Astrology Readings that you would book with an Astrologer. If you are looking for a formal Astrology Reading, head over to my Recommended Resources tab and scroll down to the “Practitioners” section to find a few known Astrologers I recommend booking with!

Magical Workings | $40/hour

My Magical Workings are essentially, rituals or spells, using aspects of ceremonial magic along with tools and elements of folk magic to perform a physical working.”

Magical Workings is my umbrella term for any spell or ritual. I offer various different types of Magical Workings, from Protection and Spiritual Hygiene Workings to Cord Cutting and Road Opening Workings!